Professional Services


KSE provides specific solutions for customer Services and specific professional services:

We have partnered with RCS IT for products and the professional services segment.

The product is called RCS WTM Time Manager is a simple and effective system to record the time and resources required to perform actions and tasks in your business. It gives a quick overview of the individual case progress and economy, while saving the company time and money.


Invoicing the time done in the field - Many do not know how to find the answer, and usually it is a big administrative task to engage in. It results to avoid this burden, though deep down they can improve the bottom line significantly.


WTM Time Manager allows quick overview of all business cases and projects. This provides an optimal case management, giving results directly to the bottom line. This leads the real time used on a given task or project to be always visible and billed.


Time tracking - It is important that employees easy access to track hours on a project. It is important to exploit its resources fully and get paid for all the hours spent on a project.


The core of RCS WTM Time Manager is based on an easy and effective time tracking for each employee. Via a manageable weekly pass, the employee can enter their time spent on individual cases.


Access 24/7 via the Internet regardless of location - The market offers many systems, which must be installed on your computer. The main disadvantage of this solution is a limited access to the data out of the office. Moreover it is impossible to integrate the system with the common mobile solutions.


WTM Time Manager is web-based, providing significant benefits for your business. The system does not need to be installed on the employee's machine. It guarantees a non-stop accessfrom the office, at home and right in the field - via a PC, a tablet or your mobile phone with Internet access.

RCS WTM Time Manager is available to all your employees, whether they are - sitting in the office or out in the "field". The solution is naturally integrated with different ERP systems, including SAP Business One, Microsoft C5 and XAL. However, it may be also used directly with the built-in billing module.



Wondersoft is a market leader providing business management for the retail and distribution sectors. With over 10000+ customers over the past 20 years, the company has provided comprehensive solutions to organizations of all sizes from an independent outlet to a large chain of outlets.

Wondersoft provides specialized, high quality and cost-effective solutions – On-Premises, Web based, Mobile apps, ERP integration where companies achieve their business goals better & faster.

We have industry specific solution as listed below:

  • • Pharmacies & Healthcare
  • • Clothing & Apparel
  • • Bakeries & Confectioneries
  • • Salons & Spa
  • • Food & Beverages
  • • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • • Supermarkets & Grocery
  • • Electricals & Electronics


Some of the Customers for Retail are as listed below:

  • • Adidas
  • • William Penn
  • • Reebok
  • • Samsung
  • • Affinity Salon
  • • Hatsun
  • • Brown Tree
  • • Supermed
  • • Cookie man
  • • Toonz
  • • Nuts and Spices
  • • Good food



KSE has partnered with Acme Infinity for Jewellery Vertical, we have solutions for Jewellery Retailer, Jewellery Wholesaler & Jewellery Manufacturer.

Jewellery Business is an ancient & a Traditional Business! It has got its own challenges & intricacies like:


  • • Maintaining & Handling of high value & precious items with their rate fluctuations.
  • • Retaining customers.
  • • Managing & maintaining skilled goldsmiths.
  • • Handling of huge cash flows
  • • Becoming more organized in this competitive scenario.
  • • Stopping or avoiding leakages & thefts.
  • • Finally increasing profits!


Acme Infinity helps the Jewellery Businesses in achieving the same, by adding Flavor of Modern Management. It incorporates

  • • Latest Management Techniques - Maker Checker Concept, Business Process Flow Management, Day End Process etc.
  • • Latest Technological Inventions for ease of functions - Bar codes, RFID, Digital Cameras, QR Codes etc.
  • • Latest Security Norms for system Implementation - user wise location setting, Comprehensive audit trail, Password Protection, Fingerprint devices etc.


That’s why Acme Infinity is designed & actually works in such way that the Jewellery retailing Business becomes more Customer Centric!

At the same time Acme Infinity provides certain powers to Jewellery retailers to compete with changing scenario.

  • • In Sales, Counter Management (which is beyond Online Billing) along with Cashier Module for easy management of crowded counters.
  • • In Supply chain, Effective Sub Contractor Management.
  • • A variety of methods, to tally Cash, Stock, RNG, Old Gold etc.
  • • Bar-coding, RFID etc. can be used for Inventory Management.
  • • Ordering Methodologies & appropriate planning for precise Inventory.
  • • Specific & specially required features for Diamond & Color Stones.
  • • Retailer Business is retention business! So innovative ways for maintaining & retaining special relationship with existing customers & New Tools for attracting new customers.
  • • For Corporate Management, better control on multiple stores & processes, MIS & dash Board for Quick Review, & Comprehensive Reports for making conclusions & taking decisions.
  • • Software can be configured so it can be mold up according to your requirements.

Thus Acme Infinity works for your Jewellery Retailing Business & helps it to boost up effectively!

Acme Infinity for Jewellery Wholesalers understands all such aspects in Jewellery Wholesaling well in advance & carries appropriate Stock Management to achieve "Minimum Stock, Maximum Sales!"

In addition, Acme Infinity provides certain facilities to Jewellery Wholesalers which suits to their smooth functioning.

  • • Acme’s unique diary program maintains customer accounts in weight as well as amounts with accuracy & proper security.
  • • Flexibility of converting Weight into Amount or vice versa.
  • • The balances are maintained in weight & purity along with wastage.
  • • Transitions can directly be entered in ledger.
  • • Transitions are maintained in traditional form & in daybook format on daily basis.
  • • Balances for diamonds & stones are kept separately & properly.
  • • Special provision for removing transactions up to settlement date for one or more accounts & restarting them with final balances.
  • • Wastage, Rate cut & labor charges are accounted properly.
  • • Various reports including party ledger either in amount or weight or both.
  • • Summary Report in amount as well as net weight.
  • • Reports on wastage.
  • • Sometimes sales purchase is done on unfixed rates. Acme Infinity provides provision for rate cutting to cater this type of transactions.
  • • Cataloguing Software for Ornament presentation.
  • • In Supply chain, Effective Sub Contractor Management.
  • • Bar-coding, RFID etc. can be used for Inventory Management.
  • • Ordering Methodologies & appropriate planning for precise Inventory.
  • • Specific & specially required features for Diamond & Color Stones.
  • • For Corporate Management, better control on multiple stores & processes, MIS & dash Board for Quick Review, & Comprehensive Reports for making conclusions & taking decisions.
  • • Software can be configured so it can be mold up according to requirements.

So, manage your Jewellery Wholesale business more effectively and efficiently with the needful modules of ACME Infinity

ACME Infinity not only comprehends all these needs but also covers the entire spectrum of Jewellery Manufacturing & Diamond Jewellery business in following manner.

  • • Acme Infinity creates departments & defines processes exactly as per your production cycle.
  • • For periodical stock checking, stock at each department or stage is maintained with work completed stock.
  • • ACME Infinity easily administers Bulk order as well as job wise order processing.
  • • Status of each Job is reported at any point of time.
  • • Track of damaged, lost stones as well as wastage at each stage is done.
  • • Facility to define attributes of diamonds, color stones & ornaments.
  • • Packet wise Stock Maintenance of Diamonds & Color Stones.
  • • The stock of studded as well loose stones is readily available.
  • • Facility for purchases, sales, inward, outward and transfers of diamonds/colour stones in loose as well as studded form.
  • • While labeling, transfer of ornament order stock with all diamond details.
  • • Barcode labels can be printed with studded item details along with attributes & Encoded negotiation rates.
  • • Hawk’s eye on diamonds & color stones issued to goldsmith.
  • • Goldsmith labor charges are verified with item wise, category wise Goldsmith Quotation.
  • • Asking labor can be finalized, job wise at the time of settlement with Goldsmith.
  • • Label wise ornament stock reports & ornament sales reports are available.
  • • Sales analysis reports with filters on attributes of studded diamonds, Design no. and previous year comparison.
  • • Stone search report gives all labels of different ornaments containing specific type of stone/diamond with criteria like weight range & attributes.
  • • Average closing stock versus sales report to closely track the sales ratio against the closing stock.
  • • ACME Infinity’s cataloging software stores and presents design wise information & photos. These catalogs can be sent or mailed to customers.
  • • Special provision of Certificate & Bill printing with studded item details along with their attributes & photo/ image of ornament.
  • • Unique sales report with photos of sold items useful for accurate ordering.


Once ACME Infinity is in place, all the aspects of Jewellery manufacturing work in harmony instead of every single system needing to be compatible with each other. You can be globally competitive in the growing trend of diamond Jewellery business & see significant gains!



Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or pulled through a die of the desired cross-section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections, and to work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses.

KSE Offering and Key features for Extrusion:

KSE Technologies have implemented the integrated solution powered by SAP B1 in the Extrusion domain while addressing the following critical areas:

  • • Die Management
  • • Log and Billet Management
  • • Extrusion
  • • Re-Melting
  • • Inspection Reporting
  • • Packaging


Key Benefits:

The Solution has a 360 degree view of the operational activities while it reduces the process time and enhances the productivity. The solution ensures the control and visibility into the processes.



Designed specifically for small and medium foundries. It helps streamline your end-to-end business processes and instant access for any information. Our solution is cast in your requirement mould touching your core areas

Business Challenges

  • • Access the right information at right time
  • • Duplicate data entries and errors there from
  • • Disparate legacy system causing inconsistency
  • • Building a closer customer relationship
  • • Inventory tracking
  • • Data security
  • • To move with time


Key Features

  • • Input material composition monitoring
  • • Production Planning
  • • Mix plan for charging
  • • Production recording
  • • Quality recording
  • • Delivery monitoring
  • • Export Documentation
  • • FOREX monitoring
  • • Template based costing
  • • Customised reports


Business Benefits

  • • Spend more time growing your business proactively
  • • Act on instant and complete information
  • • Respond quickly to customer needs by instantly accessing decision making information
  • • Production recording
  • • Eliminate redundant data entry and errors with a single, integrated system
  • • Form closer customer relationships via centralized information
  • • Lower your technology costs and achieve faster time to value by a system which can be implemented quickly, is uncomplicated to maintain
  • • Scalability of the system with growth
  • • System generated alerts on exceptions