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Skechers USA Italia s.r.l., the Italian subsidiary of shoe manufacturer Skechers USA, is enjoying the same exponential sales growth as its parent. Skechers USA Italia uses the SAP Business One application to run its operations. “SAP Business One is a single, consistent source for all the functionality and information we need,” says Giampaolo Stella, the firm’s financial controller.

The Right Choice for Today and Tomorrow

With its trendy, ergonomic footwear selection of over 3,000 styles for men, women, and children, Skechers USA has enjoyed spectacular success all around the world. As it grew swiftly to become today’s billion-dollar-plus company, Skechers USA opened subsidiaries in many countries to manage local sales and distribution. Like many of these subsidiaries, Skechers USA Italia became an instant success by introducing the Skechers brand to the fashion-conscious people of its nation.

From the outset, Skechers USA Italia realized it needed strong business software to run its operations. The company hired Stella not only to oversee finances but also to select and install a business management application. “I had just been involved in a major SAP software implementation for a big company here in Milan and had developed a deep respect for SAP,” Stella recalls. “But Skechers USA Italia was a much smaller firm that could not justify the same application. Fortunately, SAP had just released SAP Business One, which was an excellent fit for a company our size. We examined its functionality and found that it addressed all the needs we had at the time, plus it had the scalability to continue supporting us during and after the fast growth we expected.”

Besides all the typical requirements of a small business, Skechers USA Italia had one highly specific need for its new software: the ability to readily interface with a pair of non-SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications used by the parent company. “SAP Business One has the flexibility to be easily customized for purposes like interfacing,” Stella reports. “That was another reason we selected it.”

A Single, Unified Solution for a Growing Company’s Needs

Invoicing is just one of the many functions that Skechers USA Italia has streamlined and automated with SAP Business One.

The software allows the company to better manage finance, sales, marketing, distribution, vendor management, inventory monitoring, and more. The firm conducts marketing campaigns several times a year, often in conjunction with trade shows, and uses the SAP Business One and InviOne combination for the mass mailings they entail. Skechers also uses SAP Crystal Reports® software for reporting and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software for presentation of sales statistics to management. “They are both good tools. I especially like the user-friendliness and ease of report customization that we get with SAP Crystal Reports,” says Stella. He adds, “SAP Business One helps us in many specific ways, but I believe the biggest benefit of all is that it supports everything we do as a business in a unified, integrated, consistent way. It gives us a clear view of the entire company and where we are going.”

Skechers USA Italia is continuing its sharp growth path with no end in sight. Its revenues are expected to nearly double in the next year. So will its invoicing volume, which has already grown to 500 per day, a huge burden avoided by the automation introduced with SAP Business One. The company is about to open its own retail outlets for the first time and will count on timely, detailed shoe sales reports generated by SAP software to optimize stocking and product placement decisions.

As its next step, Skechers USA Italia is planning to stop using printed copies to fulfill its invoice archiving requirements and employ optical storage instead, using SAP Business One and a new product from InformEtica. “We’ll save even more time, money, and trees,” says Stella in conclusion. “SAP Business One has done an excellent job of supporting our growth. We are very pleased with our decisions.”

HHP is Integrating, Automating, and Mobilizing Business for Direct Sales and Global Roll out –

Leading supplier of medical massage therapy systems hhp GmbH wanted to broaden its customer base and enter new countries for its market-leading products. The company has successfully used the SAP Business One application to transform its business model to focus on geographic market growth and direct selling to end users. Field-based sales staff gain direct access to corporate data and can transmit orders from the customer site using the unique mobile application from SAP developed for the iPad from Apple Inc.

Building on Innovation and Success

Since its inception in 2002, hhp has achieved year-on-year revenue growth of 30% to 40%. The company’s adulation therapy treatment combines mechanical vibrations and infrared deep heat to offer a new method of pain relief and prevention. It is sold to more than 2,200 clinics, physiotherapists, rehabilitation centers, and health centers. The hhp massage system is also used by the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the German National Ice Hockey team, the German Golf Association, German Ski Association, and other sporting organizations. It is the first certified medical product of its kind. HHP already has a 95% market share in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium, and sales are set to grow rapidly all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Increasing Sales Visits 40% Through Automation and the iPad

Sales executives in Germany were quick to adopt the intuitive iPad-based sales model, which makes it possible for them to call up customer, product, and order data from the SAP Business One application. New sales opportunities and customer appointments are now scheduled electronically in each executive’s diary using the calendar management functionality in the SAP Business One application. “The automated calendar management functionality replaces manual scheduling and allows us to fix a visit date with the customer within seconds, as we can synchronize visits with each executive’s diary commitments and current location,” says Meier.

“As a result, sales teams now make 40% more customer visits. Capturing and transmitting orders directly via the iPad has cut order-to-shipment time substantially. We plan to increase iPad user numbers from 20 to 70 by the end of 2011.”

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SAP Business One Version 9 Demos

With the latest version of SAP Business One, SAP Business One Version 9.0, comes great new features and enhancements for the single, integrated, and affordable ERP solution for SME’s – SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One Version 9.0 ERP solution is proudly implemented, and supported by Bluekey Software Solutions – the largest, most successful SAP Business One Partner in Africa. Below are some demonstrations of the additional features and functional enhancements you can expect to see in SAP Business One Version 9 and if you would like to find out more about Bluekey, SAP Business One or more specifically other SAP Business One Version 9 enhancements and features then please feel free to contact your nearest branch. Click here to find out more about SAP Business One Version 9.0…

Advanced GL Account Determination in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Centralized matrix to determine GL accounts

  • • Support GL settings for items, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to country, ship-to state
  • • Supports multi determination criteria with possibility to set priorities for determination criteria as well as for rules
  • • Enable tracking by viewing the change log
  • • Simple and flexible

Bin Locations in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Bin Locations:

  • • Optimize stock movement
  • • Faster order processing
  • • Auto-allocation facilitates & supports different picking requirements and processes
  • • Increased efficiency with accelerated cycle counting
  • • Significantly reduce picking time
  • • Better manage replenishment of items
  • • Easier to manage reserved products
  • • Enhanced visibility of inventory levels
  • • Minimize potential risk to the inventory
  • • Real-time inventory positions allows enterprises to make better decisions
  • • Warehouse efficiency reporting provides benchmark information for KPI setting

Fixed Assets in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Fixed Assets:

  • • Enhanced capabilities in fixed assets management
  • • Allows customer specific enhancements
  • • Meets cross-localization accounting standard
  • • Leverages existing Business One processes such as procurement process, blanket agreements, et

Inventory Counting in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Inventory Counting:

  • • Accurate reporting for inventory management
  • • Dynamic counting and posting of quantity differences
  • • Greater transparency in counting and corresponding posting records
  • • Analyse quantities & differences while inventory taking is in process and has been completed
  • • Compare differences between two inventory takers
  • • Greater flexibility in setting up count cycles
  • • Greater flexibility in posting stock take records for corrections

Multiple Unit of Measures in SAP Business One Version 9.0

Benefits of SAP Business One Unit of Measures:

  • • Flexibility to sell and purchase in any unit of measure required
  • • Supports unlimited global and product-specific UoM conversion factors

Workflow in SAP Business One Version 9.0