SAP Business One Implementation


KSE uses the SAP Approved methodology to implement their solutions to best fitment for the customer.

Implementation Stages are:


  • 1. Project Initiation
  • 2. System Design & Configuration/ Realization
  • 3. User Acceptance
  • 4. Go Live
  • We have a very strong project management office which ensures the project is completed in the stipulated time frame, budget and to meet the customer expectation.

    We have weekly timesheet and steering committee meetings to review the progress of the project.

• Post Implementation Services

  • 1. Post implementation hand-holding
  • 2. Ongoing support and training services
  • 3. End user support
  • 4. Email / Phone / Web-based support for your partners and customers. Support is scalable to 24 x 7 support
  • 5. Implementation services are available in several countries directly by KSE or through our various regional partners.

SAP Business One Development Services


SAP Business One provides a significant wealth of features and functionality that will meet the requirements of most businesses. However in many cases there is additional functionality required that is specific to your business, or there may be other systems in your business that you would like to interface with SAP Business One. SAP provides a framework which allows certified application developers the ability to build custom addons for SAP Business One to meet these requirements.

KSE does customizations on SAP B1 to enhance the product to offer horizontal, and industry specific solutions. We have a strong relationship with our alliance partners, and expertise in working with them to successfully integrate their solutions with SAP Business One.



To compete in today’s digital age, enterprises are under increased pressure to optimize costs and align IT with business outcomes. To meet these challenges, custom application development has become an attractive option that goes beyond the capabilities offered by pre-configured solutions. By enhancing existing applications and developing new ones, today’s organizations are leveraging customized solutions to transform their business.

KSE provides a comprehensive range of custom application development services that enable enterprises to exploit the power of custom applications to support new capabilities and enhance the customer and partner experience.

Our Diverse Technical Capabilities

Custom Application Development services are supported by deep industry expertise, supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern platforms supported include .Net and Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Automation) as well as mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.



In this ever changing dynamic business environment companies are looking for not just ERP consulting but overall business consulting people want solution to the following key challenges:

  • • Simplifying operations: Address complexities and their implications to drive operational excellence
  • • Designing new business models: Adopt innovation across offerings, processes, delivery, finance technologies, and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers
  • • Operating with agility and efficiency: Make quick and informed decisions and understand cost-value implications across the value chain and ensure rapid execution


Our business consultants who help Clients Bridge the gap between business and IT, seize new business opportunities, and generate value from their technology-enabled investments. In addition, we offer a focused set of services – expertise-based business consulting, executive advisory services, co-creation of client solutions, and leadership strategies to create business value for our clients.

Led by a design-thinking approach, we bridge the gap between IT, business, and implementation, providing value to our customers and key stakeholders.

Mobile app Development


The consumerization of IT has been driven largely by mobile technology. While consumers have fully embraced mobile technology, businesses still lag behind when it comes to utilizing mobility to drive value. But this is changing. Large enterprises are expected to triple their smartphoneuser base by 2015, and there are projections that by the same year, there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers in the world, representing one-third of the global workforce. As adoption of mobile technology in the workplace skyrockets, businesses must harness the power of mobility to take advantage of the significant business value it can create. KSE’s mobility solution portfolio spreads across the following key areas:

  • • Application Development, Testing and Implementation
  • • Managed Mobility and Device Management
  • • Mobility Strategy, Security and Governance
  • • Co-Innovation and App Factories

Systems integrator


Today's global enterprises face unprecedented opportunities to leverage technology and transform how their organization works, grows and operates. Backed by specialist expertise across diverse service areas, KSE offers a wide range of systems integration, implementation and consulting services that enable organizations to thrive. We operate as a single global organization, leveraging proven industry and solution best practices.



SAP Business One Support from KSE is one of the most complete and comprehensive in the world. Our Support services include setup, simplified integration, customized programming, report writing, data file analysis, database repair, error message resolution, training and comprehensive consultation, bug fixing and coordination With SAP service lab for any support concerns of the customer. We are accessible either onsite or remotely on a “pay-as-you go” hourly rate or you can lock in a fixed annual contract basis. Business One Support is just not about solving an immediate error message, but about carefully recognizing and anticipating system issues before the error message hits. It’s all about understanding your particular needs, your unique problems and taking a proactive approach in solving them—even finding alternatives that you, our valued customer, may not have considered.